Great Job Austin!

We're so proud of the amazing progress that has been accomplished in Austin.  In 2005, we began this organization with a vision for a No Kill Austin--- an open-admission municipal animal shelter with a 90% or higher save rate--- at a time when the city was killing 55% of impounded animals and over 14,000 a year. 

In 2010, the Austin City Council unanimously passed a No Kill Implementation Plan for Austin that included our recommended programs and policies.  And since January 2011, the Austin municipal shelter has saved over 90% of all impounded dogs and cats.

Thank you so much to the Austin City Council, the Austin Animal Advisory Commission, the management, employees, and volunteers at Austin Animal Center, and the management, employees, and volunteers at Austin Pets Alive as well as the other shelter placement partners.

We always hoped that one day, our organization would become unneeded, and we believe that time is just around the corner.  THANK YOU AUSTIN!