Five Things to Know When You’re Hiring a Moving Service Near Me

Moving is one of the biggest jobs most of us will ever endure. While most anyone can pack up a box, toss it onto a truck, and move it to a new location, that’s certainly not the ideal way to move, at least if you want to protect your belongings and peace of mind. It’s ideal that a moving company is there to help move all of the belongings that you own. Movers have the manpower, the expertise, and the tools and equipment to move your belongings safely to their new location and minimize the stressors of your move. Don’t hire the first moving company that you find, however. Not all moving companies deliver exceptional moving service, prices, and expertise. Keep the five tips below in mind to ensure the best movers are found.

1. Request Estimates

Request estimates from three or four moving companies near you and compare rates. It doesn’t cost a penny to request estimates, but it can save a tremendous amount of money on the costs of moving services. Moving prices significantly vary from one company to the next. Only through comparisons can you be certain that you find the best prices for the moving services needed for your relocation.

2. Know What You Need

Look for a moving company that is licensed, insured, and bonded. Moving companies that transport belongings across state lines are known as interstate movers and must carry a special license/insurance to perform this work. Do not settle for a company that lacks the necessities to work in the moving industry. It could be one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

3. Reputation Matters

A moving company backed by a good reputation is a moving company that will likely make you a happy customer like so many others already. Look for reviews posted online on social media and other sites. Be sure to check out the company website and don’t forget to ask friends, coworkers, family, and others to refer you to their favorite moving company in the area. Word-of-mouth is such a beneficial tool when it’s time to hire a moving professional.

4. Movers Offer a Variety of Services

Many people think that professional movers only load the truck and transport the items to the new location. The truth is, movers offer a variety of services to accommodate the needs of every household. This includes packing, loading/unloading, furniture breakdown/assembly, and more. Ask about full-service moving if you want more than the traditional moving company provides.

5. What’s Your Impression?

First impressions are usually right. When it’s time to hire a great moving company, make sure to put that initial impression to good use to determine if the company is worth your time or if you’re better off looking for another company instead. Your thoughts about the company are one of the most important factors of all when it’s time to hire a mover!

Keep the above information in mind when hiring a moving company and rest assured you get a trusted name that will exceed your every expectation!

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