10 Items That Cannot Be Loaded Onto the Moving Truck

Hiring movers can help make your life much easier when it comes to moving, especially if they have a large truck to transport your belongings. While it’s true that they’ll take care of the heavy lifting and loading, it’s important to remember that these companies do have restrictions. Most of these are related to what is not allowed on the moving truck due to various hazards. To avoid any bumps in the road before you move, make sure you don’t pack the items below.

1. Perishable Food

Perishable foods cannot be packed and transported because they will spoil. This includes both frozen and refrigerated foods, especially if they are already opened. In general, most moving companies will only take non-perishable foods that won’t go bad during the move.

2. Flammable Items

Lighters, lighting fluid, and rubbing alcohol are examples of things you cannot move because they are flammable and dangerous. It’s important to dispose of these according to local laws and regulations before you move.

3. High-Value Belongings

Any high-value belongings you own should be kept on you rather than taken in the moving truck. This includes jewelry, artwork, cash, gold, silver, etc. While you can add extra insurance for larger things, this cost can really add up if you have a lot of items that are worth something. Keep in mind that moving companies will absolutely take these things but the risk of them possibly being lost generally isn’t worth it.

4. Hazardous Items

Heavy-duty commercial cleaners, fire extinguishers, bleach, paint, aerosols, and fire extinguishers are restricted from moving. Even something like hair spray can’t be taken if it’s in an aerosol container, so keep those items in your own bag when moving.

5. Fuel

Fuel and any equipment that uses fuel cannot be transported by the majority of moving companies. This includes lawnmowers, grills, motorcycles, and generators. Fortunately, you can still take these things as long as you empty out the fuel ahead of time.

6. Living Plants

In most situations, especially with long-distance moves, it’s illegal to take living plants between state lines. Not to mention these can fall over and make a mess in the truck, which is another reason most moving companies don’t want to take them.

7. Pets

Pets cannot go in moving trucks, even for a short-distance move. Instead, you’ll need to take your animals with you or arrange for separate transport.

8. Liquor

While some companies will move liquor, it highly depends on state laws and the capabilities of the company. Ask the moving company about their rules ahead of time, especially if you have a special wine or liquor collection. If you have a large or extremely valuable collection, it may be wise to check with a mover that specializes in wine transport.

9. Cash

Even if it’s not much, you should never leave cash to be packed into a box for the moving truck. While some companies will allow it, you put yourself at risk of theft by leaving the cash out of your hands.

10. Pool Care Chemicals

Unfortunately, because pool care chemicals can be corrosive and flammable, they are not allowed in most moving trucks. Sell these or use them up before you move to avoid waste.

Packing Without Worry

If you have questions about what you can take, always talk to your moving company first. In general, you should be good to go as long as you don’t take chemicals, aerosols, or plants. Never pack something and hope it will be okay since this can result in violating your contract and paying a subsequent fine.

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